St. Pete Beach Identity Project

St. Pete Beach Identity Project

The City Commission is considering updating the City’s logo.  A presentation titled “City of St. Pete Beach Identity Project” was presented at a recent Commission meeting by Jonathan Mugmon of Wayfinding & Information Design.  Mr. Mugmon was contracted by the City to provide ideas for an updated logo or brand that would express the character and essence of St. Pete Beach and be the basis for the development of new entrance signs and other place making enhancements throughout the City.


According to Jonathan Mugmon Design, graphic language defines the elements that make up the parts of the brand. The colors, typefaces and graphics that are put together to portray a brand.

The following colors and type were selected to best represent the waterfront active, relaxing, simple and friendly character traits as defined by the brand expression.


St. Pete Beach Logo and Brand Renderings

Below are the  wayfinding & information logo designs as well as the sign renderings presented by Jonathan Mugmon Design.


Sign Option A

Sign Option B


Sign Location #1


Sign Location #2


Sign Location #3

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