The Haunted Places of St. Pete Beach



#1 – The Don Cesar Hotel

There is a large fountain at the Don Cesar where people say the builder Thomas  Rowe and his lover used meet. Some visitors claim to see the couple’s ghosts where the fountain used to stand. The Hotel also used to be a hospital during World War II and some hotel guests have reported seeing figures in military uniforms wandering the halls.


#2 Silas Dent’s Steakhouse

It has long been known that staff and guests can see Silas’ rocking chair that sits in the restaurant, move by itself. People say it’s Silas himself haunting the building.


#3 St. John’s Church

Church goes have reported seeing a ghostly figure in the choir loft when the church is empty. There have also been reports of  drastically cold spots in random pews.


#4 – The Hurricane Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant dates back to 1977. It was built on the site of the old Casa Bonita Hotel, which itself was once a bath house called “Page’s Pavilion” back in the early 1910s. Some workers have reported seeing a ghostly figure on the second floor of the building.


#5 Galens Paradise – Pass-A-Grille

This home dates back to 1911 and was built by Judge Swerdtfeger – but he died in November of the same year and never got to enjoy it. Perhaps that’s why some feel he still haunts the premises. Some have seen him on the porch, others through the second-story windows. A little girl apparition has also been sighted here.

The house has changed hands multiple times. It was a food store called “Comfort and Joy” for a time in the 2000s, but is now home to an art gallery called Galene’s Paradise.


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