5 Great Burger Spots on St. Pete Beach

Best Burgers on St. Pete Beach

Sometimes all you need in life is a big burger piled high with all your favorite toppings.

When good ol’ Micky D’s just won’t cut it (which it never should), here are 5 local burgers that you must try next time you’re on St. Pete Beach!

Smiley’s Snack Shack on St. Pete Beach

Smileys Snack Shack St. pete Beach


A local spot that is most certainly a hidden gem, Smiley’s Snack Shack is sure to please. You won’t regret biting into this delicious “single” burger piled high with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mushrooms and cheese. Did we mention that it’s only $5? It also comes as a “Double”, a”Triple”, and oh yea… you can add bacon for $1 more!

Shark Tales Waterfront Restaurant on St. Pete Beach

The Great White Burger Challenge

Shark Tales Waterfront Restaurant is a favorite of  locals and visitors. With nightly live music underwater lights and a $5 Rum Runner, it’s a great choice for the whole family. But that’s not why they made our list of best burgers… “The Great White” is what has earned them a spot on our list.

“The Great White” is a hefty combination of 1/2 lb of blackened Angus beef topped with 2 fried eggs, bacon and Cheddar cheese. Thought we were done? Nope, all of that is placed between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches!

Feeling brave? Well why not grab a friend and try to defeat the Great White Challenge. All you and your friend will have to do is knock back 8 of the mammoth sized burgers!


Willy’s Burger and Booze on St. Pete Beach

Photo: @wendells_plate

Willy’s Burger and Booze is a local favorite for countless reasons but the Willy’s Big Gooey Burger is what has landed them on this list. A delicious $5 Burger served with a side of tots and cold beverage is a must for anyone in search of a great meal on the beach.


Sandbar Bill’s at the Bon-Aire Resort Motel


Another hidden gem on St. Pete Beach is Sandbar Bill’s. Sandbar Bill’s offers beach-side dining and a delicious burger that you can eat right on the sand! Located right behind the Bon-Aire Resort Montel, Sandbar Bill’s is the perfect place to enjoy a great burger while you watch the sunset with your family and friends. Don’t worry though,  if you get too stuffed to make it home, you can book a room and spend the night!

The Toasted Monkey Beach Bar and Sports Grill

Photo: @gal_vrubel

Another local favorite is the Toasted Monkey. Here you will find a mouth watering burger appropriately titled… the “Hangover Burger”. This delicious burger is usually served with an all chuck patty, a fried egg, bacon, crispy hash browns, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, tomato, and lettuce. If you’re trying to justify this with  your diet… add some avocado and we won’t tell anyone about the bacon.


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